Steam Cleaning: A Magical Way to Clean Your Tiles and Grouts


Tiles and grout cleaning can take up a lot of your time and energy, especially when you are using traditional cleaning methods.

While being laborious these methods also require the use of cleaning products with harmful chemicals like bleach in them. However, things have changed since past few years.

With the revolutionary green cleaning wave, there are now better and healthier way to clean ties and Grouts. Steam Clean Tile Grout Services is one of them. Not entirely a new concept but it has revolutionized the cleaning task- steam cleaning is ecological, quick and efficient.


Here’s a basic guideline on how to use a steam cleaner to clean your tiles and grouts

  1. Quality of the steam cleaner- Quality Steam Cleaner makes for quality cleaning. It is simple as that. So, make sure you get a high-quality steam cleaner with good steam pressure and one that can reach at least 175°C/347 f.
  2. Using attachments- if your steam cleaner has brushes, use a brass or a nylon one and attach it to the lance.  This lets the steam pour through the brush allowing you to do a better job and nylon bristles won’t damage the tiles no matter how hard you rub.
  3. When using wire bristle attachment, be careful. The wire bristle is the ultimate weapon for stubborn stains, but it can also chip tiles. Do not use this for glossy, smooth tiles.
  4. Start from the top downward. Make sure to douse the steam cleaned area with fresh water every few minutes. This lets the gunk down the drain. Any soften gun that remain on the surface for a few minutes will harden and require taking off again.
  5. Give the steam cleaner enough time to build up steam once you have finished cleaning a certain area.
  6. Use sponges and rags to clean up loosened debris and water.

So, how does a steam cleaner magically clean grout?


The power of a steam cleaner to win your war against tile and grout gunk comes from high heat and moisture. The boiling point of water which turns it into steam is 212 f/100 °C and as steam that hot hits the tiles, it loosens soap scum, dirt, mold and other debris. A good steam cleaner can reach upto 175°C/347 f. Once the steam hits the surface and loosens debris, the temperature plummets within seconds and the loose gunk is now hit by remaining water. If you are using a non-professional steam cleaner, you’d need to hand scrub the gunk at this point.

For comprehensive Tile and Grout Cleaning Service that can take days, it is better to hire professionals who come with powerful equipment and provide quality results. Tile and grout cleaning is an important part of festival cleaning, spring cleaning and even regular cleaning.

Build up gunk can make your kitchen and bathroom look old, tired and sickly. So, giving it a proper clean every once in a while is extremely important. Professional cleaners can do the job for you in no time!



We are completely aware of the fact that cleaning tile grout is one of the most essential tasks to keep up the floor tiles. Grout is a porous substance, made of water, sand and cement, which is neither Stain Proof nor waterproof. So you can imagine how daunting the process of cleaning can be. Moreover, they tend to absorb grease and dirt faster than tiles. That terrifies you, right? Don’t worry, there’s a solution for every problem.


So what can be the simplest tile and grout cleaning solution? The simplest of the process is cleaning it with warm water. However, before cleaning it with warm water you need to vacuum the floor and remove all the dirt and soil present. But when it comes to deeper stains, you need to work harder and apply more thought to it.

Although there are Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services available in Melbourne, you can try it yourself at home. The cleaner that takes the job of cleaning should ensure the methods should be natural, affordable and environmentally safe. However, if you want to clean the floor yourself like pro, follow the points discussed here.


The first thing to consider is the cleaner. Although there are Ph-natural cleaners available, you can try a home-made product. So how can you prepare the home-made product? You can mix white vinegar with water in a 1:1 ratio. If you are not satisfied with this, you can mix water and dish detergent along with some Baking Soda. However, we recommend the first one as the ideal solution as it hits the stains directly but gently, and cleans stubborn dirt. Moreover, you will not smell any chemical fumes while cleaning the dirt. Just ensure that you apply it with a moderately stiff bristled brush. Hence, you will need following things that are needed for tile and grout cleaning: White vinegar, water, a stiff-bristled brush and a spray bottle.

Keeping your places hygienic

It is very unpleasant feeling to think about keeping kitchen and bathroom dirty. This gives a very unpleasant feeling to have filthy grout and tiles wearing upcoming appearance. These are not only unhygienic and also make the place unsuitable unhealthy as it gives rise to mildew and mold which are hazardous to health and can cause diseases if not taken care of. The collection of dust and dust with water also makes it look dirty and hence Bathrooms Tile and Grout Cleaning is very important. Over a period if remained unclean the grouts almost become dumping grounds. The grout becomes darker with time and makes the surface look dirty and filthy. Hence cleaning the tiles is a very important step to keep the tiles lean to maintain the shine of the tiles and keep the place hygienic and suitable for living.  Here are some ideas to keep the surfaces of tiles clean and shiny and eliminate the grout.



The growth of mold and mildew

Bathrooms and kitchens are damp and hot places which show the ideal conditions for the growth of mold and mildew and provide a perfect environment for their survival. They grow in uneven and spongy surfaces which makes a perfect spot for fungal growth if remained unclean. Hence it is important to have tile and grout cleaning services regularly.

Now one of the best methods to prevent fungal growth is to minimize the moisture in those places. Moisture helps in growth of mold and mildew and helps them survive in the place. So it is important to minimize the moisture in such places. Scrubbing the tiles after cooking and showering can help to stop the fungal growth to a great extent. The place should ideally have an open window or exhaust fan to reduce the levels of moisture which is an efficient technique of grout and tile cleaning.


The accumulation of soap scum is also another major reason for mold growth in the place. The use of synthetic soap products which involves in accumulation can be a major reason for mold growth in the place as the mold get stuck in the foamy surfaces which facilitates their rapid growth. However natural products can help to reduce such growth as they will be able to cut through the entire residue. Hence they are very helpful in grout cleaning.

Use of Bleach

Bleach is one of the most commonly used Tile cleaners. Chlorine bleach is used to counterattack the growth of mildew and mold and also kills them. It is also effective in removing accumulated soap residue and hence destroys the home for mold mildew. Hence it is a widely used product for cleaning the tiles. But unfortunately, it has some bad effects and is hazardous to human health. It is a strong chemical that can discolor your cloth and make them look dull. Inhaling the fumes can be very dangerous, and there is always a warning written on the labels. It also irritates eyes, skin and respiratory tract.

So though cleaning of tiles is very important, it is also important to use natural methods as much as possible to avoid health hazards and keep the surrounding clean as well as healthy.


Here Is What You Should Do For Your Best Available Tile Cleaning Solutions

Each person is particularly enamored with the wonderful and clean house. To make their home more excellent everyone chooses different things and fitting which upgrades the beautification of the house. These things can be tiles, marbles, demonstrate pieces et cetera. Be that as it may, the establishment of lovely things is especially less demanding than keeping up them clean.

Fitting of tiles in the houses is the most recent pattern in the market as it isn’t especially costly and is more solid moreover. Yet, cleaning of tiles and grout, a joint between the two tiles, is especially troublesome as the tidy and stains get struck in the grout lines. Taking this regular issue of each individual into thought numerous organizations are getting engaged in offering different tile and grout cleaning arrangements and apparatuses which are useful in cleaning. Different online locales are likewise accessible that give the total data about stone, tile and grout cleaning administrations for the clients at exceptionally sensible costs. The data that is accessible to the clients on the site is identified with grout cleaning, grout repair, grout evacuation, tile repair, marble floor cleaning and waxing tiles.

In the unified states, diverse organizations win in the market which exclusively works in the tile and grout cleaning arrangements. These organizations give an extraction cleaning framework to cleaning the tiles in which warm cleaning specialists, a vacuum, and a high weight flush operator are utilized which expel the stains from the tiles. They additionally give the unmistakable grout fixing which is deliberately used to seal the grout’s pores that are left open amid the settling of tiles. This arrangement covers the grouts and lessens the odds of soil stay in the grouts. A standout amongst the most valuable items which are accessible in the market is grout re-shading and fixing which is utilized to invigorate the shade of the tile and grout and aides in giving them the new look.

The incredible item called grout shading seal is likewise accessible to the clients for taking care of the issue of staining of grout, give assurance to new grout introduced from getting recolored, reestablish the grout shading and furthermore restore the tile introduced before. The cleaning organizations additionally give the total package to the clients for the cleaning reason which incorporates hand brush, stand up brush, grout sealer brush, tips, gloves and knee cushions moreover.